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Reimagining interior and product design in India

India has experienced rapid social and economic growth and development in recent years. Many factors have contributed to this, including the ease of internet accessibility that has rapidly increased social media exposure. In addition, as Indians are exposed to different cultures, countries, and products globally, they have become more open to experimenting with new ideas and designs. This has shifted how homes and other spaces are designed in India, with people looking for unique and experimental designs that reflect their personality and style.

However, this shift comes with its challenges. While clients are hesitant to try something new and prefer sticking to conventional ideas, we at Daera constantly push clients out of their comfort zones and create truly unique and beautiful spaces. For example, "me and Jannat have transformed a large, unused space in Sanjana Batra's residence into a beautiful library/study using deep colours, pattern-on-pattern designs, and lots of prints. Despite the initial reservations, this room eventually became the client's favourite room in the house", adds Sharon.

It's important to note that this shift towards more experimental and unique designs in India is a welcome change. As the country continues to progress and evolve, it's only natural that design trends will also transform. By incorporating clients' personalities and styles into their designs, Daera is helping shape the future of design in India and beyond. Another reason for the shift in design trends in India is the desire for homes and spaces that reflect individuality.

In the past, many homes in India were designed focusing on functionality rather than aesthetics. However, as Indians become more exposed to design trends worldwide, they're looking for functional, aesthetically pleasing, and unique homes. This desire for individuality has led to incorporating unique colours, patterns, and designs into homes and other spaces. The shift towards more experimental and unique designs in India is a positive development. As India progresses and evolves, this trend will only continue to grow.



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