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Sleepy OwlDesigned with the goal of making this space look more like a café than an office. We broke all the walls and built a space that reflects the attitude of the company - equality and transparency.
Sleepy Owl
Polo LoungeOur eclectic take on a classic polo lounge. We have incorporated a kitschy flamingo wall fabric, an accent vintage mirror wall and polo themed pop art alongside classic English sofas and a beautiful antique Persian rug.
Polo Lounge
PeachtreeA space inspired by the palaces and the lifestyles of the Indian maharajas, this space was conceived to remind guests of our ancestors and allow them to experience their old-style way of living in today’s fast-paced and contemporary world.
PanchsheelA young and vibrant residence in Delhi that was featured in the Ideal Home and Garden Magazine in the June 2017 issue.
Arata OfficeFor a startup that sells plant-based skincare products, we wanted to create an office that integrates their brand's minimalistic, fresh, and playful vibe by using their shapes and colours throughout the space.
Arata Office
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