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Now is the time to invest in a signature piece from Daera Lunar collection

We are constantly in flux, yet we flourish amid the change and emerge in our element. Albeit, change is inevitable and a vital part of our odyssey, and so is the moon, a concomitant aspect of transcendence, symbolising and glorifying change. Acknowledging that life is like the moon with all its waning and waxing, the ‘Daera Lunar’ collection—our first in-house furniture and decor collection—literally transposes the moon into the spatial realm. The pop of electric colours adds to its eternal bliss as a distinctive materiality, contrary to its immaterial symbolism. 

The Lunar collection is timeless, a cacophony that brightens the day with a glance. Its colour palette, material and form reflect it in its meaningful interpretations. Comprising unique, handmade furniture, objects and art pieces, the Lunar collection takes cues from the different phases of the moon, its transformative patterns and the colours of the night skylight. The designs fuse contemporary and traditional by using native materials such as wood, cane and stone with brass or similar detailing, resulting in cohesive, timeless aesthetics. As the upcoming month of March symbolises Worm Moon or the March’s Moon—a true sign of spring—this is the time to invest in a signature piece. 

Our Daera-Lunar piece of the month is Luna’s Chest of Drawers. With its sleek silhouette and rich walnut finish, the Luna Chest Dresser scores points for its form. Six uniform drawers support the broad, all-natural teak chest. Beautiful cane weaving defines the top and is finished with curved sides. Our signature luna knob sits in perfect symmetry with the classic chest. This one is a Daera Lines exclusive, and it was made to improve your life by reducing the stress of storage. “An heirloom, a conversation starter, an adornment to the lived space; it’s there to stay as a metaphor for antiquity which could be passed on from one generation to another”, propels Jannat, Daera’s co-founder. This handcrafted, unique and sustainable Lunar collection piece from the house of Daera will punctuate your interiors with its timeless appeal.



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